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نرم افزار Water Quality Expedition 2008 تقدیم میگردد، این نرم افزار توسط بخش آب دانشگاه مونتانا توسعه داده شده است.

The purpose of this course is to provide a deeper understanding of the factors that determine water quality. The course assumes a basic knowledge of environmental science, and takes water system personnel, technical assistance providers and regulators on a virtual expedition through water quality issues

 Training for Water Professionals Water Quality Expedition 2008

Virtual System Explorer 2006 Training

Animated Activities display processes by which waters gain physical, chemical and biological characteristics

An Integrated Workbook offers technical details and additional information in an easy-to-read format

Video Documentaries consult experts as they present first-hand knowledge of water quality research and issues

A Final Quiz tests the user's knowledge of water quality information presented in this CD

CEC Information
The Montana Water Center recommends that this program receive 2.5 hours of professional education credit. However, your state certification officer is the final authority on this decision. Please check with your state certification officer before beginning this program to verify the requirements in your state. Read our FAQ page for more information

Minimum Requirements
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CD-ROM Drive
1 GHz Processor
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256 MB RAM
G4 Processor
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Training for Water Professionals Water Quality Expedition 2008


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